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Success-Focused Business Advisors in Houston, TX

We focus on one thing: ACCELERATING  YOUR  SUCCESS!

When you need sound business advisors in Houston, TX, count on our experience and dedication to results. Our team understands that nothing matters more than dependability in the competitive world of company leadership. You need the right resources to put you on a path toward long-term, sustainable growth, and that’s what we work to provide.

Our excellent and remarkable team can help you to excel in your business.

How do we get the outcomes our clients need? It all comes down to two things: perseverance and smart planning. When you take advantage of our CFO advisor services, you don’t just get experience -- you get a team with a proven history of leveraging practical knowledge and a keen eye for opportunity to create openings for achievement in businesses of all kinds.

Most importantly, we stick with you to ensure that you never need to feel confident in the direction of your company. Though we’re all alternative to hiring for a full-time CFO position, every moment we spend with you is entirely dedicated to the fullest measure of support. That means having access to qualified experts when you need them -- all without overcommitting or wasting resources. 

Our team is assembled with only the very best calibers: Each of the CFOs and CEOs has at least 25 years’ experience in a variety of markets and industries.

Choose business advisors you can trust. You don’t need our assurances to know that we can accomplish great things for your organization. We’ve already proven that our approach works for numerous other companies, and that’s what makes us the right match for you: results that you can rely on.

Introducing: Erich Stolz, Managing Director of 1 CFO Center, LLC

Erich Stolz is a top-flight, high performance, seasoned Executive who consistently delivers exceptional results. Erich has more than 30 years of national and international experience -- in the United States and Europe and is fluent in German.

He focuses on creating and implementing high growth strategies and on increasing shareholders’ value. He has a proven record of boosting profitability, cash flow, and revenue growth. Being an experienced business transformer, he turned around 15 companies and created flourishing and prosperous entities in various industries and markets.

Erich Stolz

He was a leader in several acquisitions, mergers, and divestitures.

He also rebuilds dysfunctional accounting/finance departments and converts CFO functions into a bigger positive impact for a Company.

Having a varied background such as Controller, Financial Manager, Product Manager, Executive Vice President, President, CFO, COO, CEO, and Board Director, Erich helps others to succeed by inspiring and motivating them to their highest level of achievements. He creates high-performance teams and organizations and earned an excellent reputation for getting things done.

Erich has served on six different boards and accumulated 18 years of board experience in audit, strategy, compensation and governance committees.
As a trusted advisor to Boards and CEO’s, Erich enjoys the challenge of bringing clarity and simplicity to complex business issues.
Erich holds an MBA from Marquette University, an MS in Engineering Management from Drexel University, and a BA from Elmhurst College. He holds a CTP license (Certified Turnaround Professional) and a CFE license (Certified Fraud Examiner). Erich has also been awarded the prestigious designation of “Board Leadership Fellow” from the NACD (National Association of Corporate Directors).

He also publishes a weekly newsletter “The New CFO: A Strategic and Trusted Partner”  offering free practical improvement ideas for CEOs and Company Owners.

Erich is the Author of the Book “How to Create Great Boards” and publishes a monthly Newsletter for Board Directors and CEOs “Excellence in the Board Room.”

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